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Business intelligence

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Data available to the business

Business Intelligence is a strategic data analysis tool designed to make companies competitive by anticipating market needs and wants.

BI is a solution that provides all the information generally found in an entire suite of complex products. Specifically designed to make data easily and immediately available to business users, it simplifies decision-making and provides all the tools to act quickly.

The technology found in BI includes all the necessary functions including dashboards and alerts, multidimensional analysis and slice-and-dice data, with the unique advantage of not having limitations, cost or the complexity of traditional OLAP design.

The solution is organized with the following modules:

  1. The Sales Distribution module analyzes and provides statistical support on the timely and daily analysis of sales data to management and the Sales Manager.
  2. The Retail module analyzes all sales dynamics and performance of stores, whether physical or virtual (e-commerce)
  3. The Production module analyzes the whole part of launches, job advancement, and delivery of goods from laboratories.
  4. The purchasing module analyzes the whole part of supplier orders and the flow of goods deliveries related to them.
  5. The warehouse module analyzes stock variance, products with higher and lower stock, and turnover ratios.
  6. The Finance module analyzes obligations and credits, bank and portfolio balances, and the entire cash flow side.
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