Information security

Information security

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cyber security sicurezza informatica

Identifying and addressing cyber threats

Cyber Security is the set of tools and actions aimed at protecting information systems from external and internal attacks.

First and foremost, companies’ sensitive data must comply with the regulations to protect Privacy (GDPR). In addition, it is critical to protect oneself from an IT and infrastructure perspective to ward off cyber attacks or to minimize their impacts.

Our many years of experience enables our clients to have high-level support with certified technicians who can:

  • Ensure seamless compliance from a legal and regulatory perspective (GDPR)
  • Conduct thorough analysis of customers’ technology infrastructure to highlight potential vulnerabilities
  • Simulate through our “ethical hackers” the way of thinking of those who conceive a ransomware attack with certified tests
  • Manage constant monitoring of the company’s entire information infrastructure that enables early detection of potential attacks and immediate implementation of self-defense mechanisms

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