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To better manage logistics and shipping

RFID, Radio Frequency Identification, refers to automatic identification technology based on the propagation of electro-magnetic waves in the air, enabling the unique, automatic (hand free), massive and remote detection of objects, animals and people.

RFID is the solution to better manage warehouse logistics and shipments to customers through an innovative automatic product recognition procedure by replacing traditional barcode and magnetic stripe technology.

Main advantages of RFID technology

  • Device uniqueness (serial number)
  • Anti-collision under precise conditions (simultaneous identification of multiple objects)
  • Reading without vision (object identification without the need for eye contact)
  • Read-write accessible memory (possibility of attributing information to the object)

Because of its potential for application, RFID is considered a general purpose technology and has a high level of pervasiveness, meaning that once an application is found at one point in the supply chain, the application and benefits quickly propagate upstream and downstream of it.

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