Be in line with the regulations


Be in line with the regulations

The General Data Protection Regulation n. 2016/679 (GDPR) is the European legislation on data protection.

With this European regulation, therefore, there is a shift to a proprietary vision of the data, according to which it cannot be processed without consent, including a vision of control of the data, this to protect all the actors of your business from the risks inherent in the processing of data.

Our Privacy division knows that a good organization of data is a valuable asset, that it allows you to have them available when they are needed and is the first step to make them more effective and protected. The experience gained allows us to deal with the treatment of personal data in a correct and simple way.

We constantly support you throughout the compliance process, suggesting the most appropriate solution to your reality, and then continue to assist you in the following years.

At your disposal are experts who deal with Privacy under the legal, procedural, IT and staff training aspects.

You can count on a qualified and certified consultancy for all steps:

  • “RGPD Audit” and Declaration of Compliance with European Regulation 2016/679.
  • Gap Analysis European Regulation 2016/679
  • Adaptation to the European Regulation 2016/679
  • GDPR post compliance assistance services

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