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The GDPR Department has been working in the field of privacy since 2004, industry knowledge and experience are not lacking, consultants are legally trained, in addition they have also worked in the IT field for many years to be able to offer the skills that are needed today to manage "Privacy"

GDPR since 2004 when it was still just called the privacy code

CAST activates privacy division in 2004, the year the Privacy Code came into effect, and is composed of a group of Experienced professionals dealing with issues related to the protection of individuals and the processing of personal data (European Regulation 2016/679) from legal, procedural, IT and staff training aspects.

She has been certified as a Privacylab consultant since 2004 and has been a Federprivacy qualified privacy consultant since 2012.

The GDPR Department ‘s goal is to provide highly qualified advice so that clients can deal correctly and easily with the requirements of European Regulation 2016/679. It is able to follow and support the client in the evolution of technological and regulatory scenarios both at the national and European level, assisting them at every step from the management of strictly documental, organizational and training requirements, to the implementation of minimum security measures, to annual updates, to assistance in case of controls operated by the competent Authorities.

The GDPR department has been working in the field of privacy since 2004, when it was just called the privacy code and processing of personal data, we have been doing it forever, we are not improvised but experts
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Who have always dealt only with data protection issues

The professionals who make up the team have gained experience in all fields: corporate, banking, health, associations and public administration (universities, municipalities, etc…); they achieved the Master of certification and specialization for privacy consultants and privacy officers, have obtained certification Data Protection Officer Unicert DAKKS and they are Unicert Privacylab certified consultants. All professionals have extensive experience in direct management of organizational projects in all sectors. Each client is entrusted to an individual professional who takes care of the relationship with him personally and takes responsibility for the work performed.

Analysis, study and consulting work is shared with the entire team so that any professional in the division is able to deliver assistance to clients at any time.

Free of charge, our experts will assess your situation to propose the most suitable plan for you.

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Compared to the current landscape, the privacy division is neither improvised nor recycled; we have been doing it forever. Rely on our experience.
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in all aspects: legal, procedural, IT and staff training. All team members have completed the “Master of Certification and Specialization for Privacy Consultants and Privacy Officers.”
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Clients know that at any time they have available consultants with the necessary expertise to solve any problems that may arise in data processing and/or data protection. our consultants have gained experience in all sectors: corporate, banking, health, association and public; SME, large enterprise, multinational.
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