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TileOne ceramic sales force, the app made for the needs of the ceramic company's sales agent

The ceramic enterprise’s sales force has its APP.

After realizing TileOne – Ceramic ERP, the first customization of SAP Business ONE for the ceramic industry, CAST also realizes the first solution dedicated solely and totally to the sales force of the Ceramic company.

TileOne, the ERP for the ceramic world, was born on the SAP Business One platform, which natively also offers its own mobile app version, which is great for the manager or administrative manager to have the company’s performance under control anytime, anywhere. Being a standard product version, however, it does not have those features necessary and functional for certain sectors, as in this case is the ceramic sector; for this reason TileOne the customization of SAP Business One for the ceramic world was born.

TileOne’s Sales Force mobile app was created with the same ideal in mind, which is to enable the ceramic enterprise’s sales agents to own the most appropriate tool to accomplish their work. Born out of a specific need in the ceramic world, the app is structured to meet the needs of the agent who is always on the move, a trusted companion that can provide real-time business information to complete all phases of the sale.

TileOne Ceramic ERP

All the necessary tools

At the reach of a finger

Business Partner

At the gesture of a touch all customer information is available, data and accounting position, contacts, deployment of all management and production units, company contact persons, history, any favorable economic treatment, material left for viewing, and all sensitive and relevant data to the sale.

Potential Business Partners

Possible customers are distinguished from active customers; with just a few touches, the sales agent is able to enter a new Business Partner and later change it until it has become a loyal customer.


All partners are registered and shown on the map, including all production units and branch offices, their location is available to the agent who, if needed, can start the navigator to travel to the customer without the hassle of having to enter the address.

Sales opportunities

The salesperson is able to keep track of rumors or tips that any acquaintances have passed on about possible sales opportunities, such as the impending construction of a residential complex, shopping mall, redevelopment of an urban area, public bidding, or the opening of a retailer, and manage their flow during all steps from identification to concretization.


The native capabilities of mobile devices are fully exploited, the agent can instantly attach any photos taken on site to a business partner, and documents can be sent and linked in a single dedicated customer repository. This way the files are also immediately available to the rest of the company to initiate any paperwork or to speed up business workflows.

In practical terms, having a unique place shared among all operators for all documents helps productivity and prevents the scattering and loss of important or sensitive information and documents.


The importance of having calendarized all engagements for an agent is of great value, even more so if these engagements are at hand and instantly linkable to a business partner.

Three types of views are available, month wide overview, weekly schedule, and day view, quickly from all views the detail of the visit or engagement can be accessed, just as quickly a new activity can be entered or edited.


With built-in reporting capabilities, the agent can take advantage of SAP Business One’s analytical capabilities to query the system and know where he stands in terms of analytics, consulting, for example, the situation on sales or with respect to his targets.

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