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TileOne Ceramic ERP, the first customization of the SAP Business One platform for the ceramic world

The world of ceramics has its own ERP

In today’s economic scenario, which is uncertain and full of ever-changing demands, companies must have suitable and efficient tools to govern and control their operations. Often traditional systems are nothing more than a collection of outdated and non-integrated software applications that certainly fail to meet current needs. Information, in these systems, seems to be dislocated in “silos” isolated from each other, and time-consuming and complex operations are often required to complete inherently simple and routine business tasks. As a result, business opportunities are lost, corporate resources are wasted, and inefficiencies grow.

Here, then, is the need for companies to have a single system that automates business processes and provides immediate and easy access to information that is unambiguous and certain and, above all, constantly updated.

CAST through the Hars brand operating in the ceramics industry since 1988 has partnered with SAP, the world’s leading provider of ERP solutions, and implemented the TileOne management software with the SAP Business One platform.

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The main features of TileOne – Ceramic management software

Administrative Accounting Area

– Chart of Accounts
– First note
– First note templates
– Recurring records
– Multi-currency management
– Financial reports
– Budget management
– Cost accounting
– Accounting period management
– Receipts
– Bid Requests
– Purchase Requests
– Purchase orders
– Receipt of goods
– Returns
– Billing
– Pro forma invoices
– Advance invoices
– Document cancellation
– Credit notes
– Import costs
– Intrastat

Warehouse area

– Article management
– Managing choices/tone/caliber
– Packaging variant management
– Full automatic unit management: square meters, boxes, pallets
– Price lists
– Warehouse receipts
– Inventory outputs
– Inventory transactions
– Transfers between deposits
– Serial number management
– Batch management
– Management of pickups and deliveries
– Recurring transactions
– Inventory management
– Rotating inventories
– Location management

Sales Area

– C.R.M.
– Contact management
– Activity Management
– Calendars
– Campaign Management
– Framework Contracts
– Opportunities/offers/orders
– Purchase management on sales
– Deliveries
– Returns
– Invoices
– Payments
– Automatic payments
– Bank management
– Checks
– Credit cards
– Automatic reconciliations
– Cash flows
– Assets
– Percipient management
– Tax compliance

Production area

– Distinct bases
– Kit management
– Sample Management
– Labor account management
– Product/enamel cards
– Production Orders
– Consumption
– Disbursements
– Product life cycle management
– Forecasts
– Mrp
– Product cost calculation

General area

– Workflow
– Document Management
– Data Analysis
– Reporting
– Alert systems

Purchasing area

– Tickles
– Multi-currency price lists
– Special prices
– Customer/agent/sales network management
– Overdraft management
– Agent commission management
– Customer/agent premium management
– Gross margin calculation

After-sales area

– Service call management
– Scheduling service calls
– Tracking service calls
– Equipment master cards
– Dashboard of service calls
– Service contracts
– Recurring transactions
– Integration with human resources
– Knowledge data base
– Call calendars
– Process of service calls
– Comprehensive mobile device management

Warehouse logistics area

– Complete warehouse management using radio frequency handhelds
– Warehouse layout and route management
– Palette statement
– Revenue and control stock
– Revenue from production
– Income from supplier
– Income from transfers
– Storage functions
– Search function
– Inventory
– Readiness
– Shipping and cargo control
– Returns
– Operator management and authorization
– Statistics

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