About Us

About Us

Experience that makes business life easier.

CAST is one of the leading regional companies in its field, chosen by large multinational companies for its reliability, is able to effectively support the SME with modern and adaptive solutions. We can develop new solutions or improve and expand existing ones. We can work on both proprietary and open solutions; we choose only the best of the latest technologies to meet every need.

Enterprise management and control, total digitization of every business process, implementation of portals, apps, web-apps and customized software; all complemented by accurate Privacy management according to the dictates of the guarantor and supported by ultra-trained long-time technicians who are also experts in the IT field.

CAST was founded back in 1988 in Modena

To engineer and implement integrated systems for enterprise computerization. Guided by experienced management, it has always invested heavily in staff qualification, state-of-the-art quality and information solutions, and in building lasting relationships.

Customer satisfaction has always inspired the company’s strategic choices, a goal achieved by coordinating the group’s internal production divisions and the many partners with whom projects are carried out.

Evolution of corporate information system, introduction and use of new technologies Internet, Intranet, and Extranet, Cloud.

Our staff comes alongside you without proceeding by trial and error; each problem is carefully analyzed and several solution possibilities are evaluated so that a real solution to your needs is identified.


..and we want to do a lot more of it,

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