Retail Fashion
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Retail Fashion

The solution for Fashion & Luxury outlets

Retail Fashion is SYS-DAT’s international, multi-language, multi-fiscal solution for managing stores, corners and outlets. All sales and backoffice activities are handled by Retail Fashion by pandering to industry customs and needs: merchandise booking with down payment, gift cards, vision account, all forms of payment, tax free, and invoicing.

Customer care is ensured through instant insight into customer buying habits and the evolved Loyalty Program.

A Promotional Engine ensures speed and accuracy in marketing activities, the results of which are also measurable with a Business Intelligence preconfigured with dozens of dashboards specific to the fashion retail world.

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Retail One

Manage the back and front office activities of your stores

Retail One is the point-of-sale management solution that targets retail companies. It is multilingual and handles multi taxation, and consists of two parts: the back office and the front office.

The back office works online and is updated in real time. It uses an intuitive system, can be used by any user, and immediately records stock transactions, stock transfers, arrivals and inventories performed directly on the headquarters database. The front office, on the other hand, has a specific database, which dialogues directly with the office through web services. This way if the store is connected it transmits the sales figure in real time but still manages to make sales even without an internet connection.

Retail One has a Loyalty Engine and a Promotional Engine that ensures the application of Best Choice. Both Engines can also be used by digital e-commerce platforms.

Retail One can be applied to all commodity sectors of consumer goods, offering environments designed for specific functional realities.


The interaction between physical and digital

Integration with the most current technologies allows a bridge to be built between the physical and digital worlds.

PHYGITAL means making the most of the potential offered by what is now called augmented reality, having as its goal the best possible Customer Shopping Experience.

A real necessity as the Customer wants to have access to the same shopping cart through all the channels and devices that increasingly accompany us in our daily lives, to experience personalized service.

PHYGITAL allows maximizing business opportunities as the customer in addition to accessing the physical store can have a similar customer experience through virtual access. Retailers stay in touch with their customers even at a distance by multiplying touch points and sales opportunities.

SYS-DAT GROUP offers PHYGITAL solutions integrated with Retail Fashion and RetailOne and with popular e-Commerce platforms.

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