D-Moda Monitor Production
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D-Moda Monitor Production

D-moda MONITOR is the module that allows you to monitor production scheduling and control and do real-time analysis of timing and cost trends.

D-Moda Production Monitor anticipates production problems by allowing them to be visualized in a single synoptic picture so as to check the state of the art and enable related improvement actions.

High accessibility and usability rates, together with performance excellence, make D-Moda Monitor Production a unique product for monitoring all stages of production.

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The MONITOR module of the D-moda management software connects key players in industrialization, purchasing and production, allowing information to be visualized effectively.

In this way, scheduling and production control take place in a consistent and coordinated manner, including the ability to know in real time:

  • – deadlines, data certifications, and BOM status verifications;
  • – Feasibility of the work plan for each phase and department.

MONITOR also provides solicitation tools on components and processing so as to increase business efficiency to eliminate waste and reduce costs.


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