D-Moda Omnichannel
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D-Moda Omnichannel

D-Moda Omnichannel is the integrated solution for managing multichannel in the fashion industry.

With D-Moda Omnichannel you have a complete solution for integrated and optimized multichannel management. You can integrate E-commerce, B2B and Marketplace into a single scenario managed with simplicity and flexibility.

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How does D-Moda Omnichannel work?

D-Moda Omnichannel is the perfect partner to optimize the management of your business stores and provide you with a complete and integrated sales experience.

– With D-Moda Web, you will have total control over business repository management, and this will be flawlessly reflected in B2B, E-commerce and Marketplace. With appropriate interfaces for each Marketplace, you can ensure a personalized and engaging experience for your customers, regardless of sales channel.


Effective management of Stock IDs is one of the strengths of D-Moda Omnichannel. This system allows you to optimally manage your products for B2C, previous seasons, and store availability. The flexibility of D-Moda Omnichannel allows you to always be in control of your product assortment and ensure accurate service to your customers.


Outsourcing logistics is made simple and efficient with D-Moda Omnichannel. Synchronizing an externally managed warehouse with the software and integrating it with the logistics provider will be a smooth and precise procedure. This will allow you to expand your logistics capabilities without sacrificing efficiency and accuracy in management.


– One of the distinctive features of D-Moda Omnichannel is the real-time calculation of net availability in managed warehouses. You will be able to constantly monitor the availability of your products, ensuring immediate responsiveness to market needs. This real-time view will enable you to make quick and informed decisions, ensuring a high-quality level of service.


The transformation of digital orders into pick lists is an automated process provided by D-Moda Omnichannel. Every order from digital channels, such as e-commerce, Retail, Marketplace or DropShipping, is automatically converted into a pick list. This revolutionary feature will give you an instant view of availability, simplifying workflow and ensuring fast and efficient order processing times.


With D-Moda Omnichannel, you will have a full suite of tools for managing business stores, ensuring a flawless omnichannel sales experience. The flexibility and integration of this software will enable you to meet the challenges of the fashion market with agility and success. Get ready to offer your customers a unique and satisfying shopping experience with D-Moda Omnichannel as an ally in your growth and success.


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