D-Fashion PLM
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D-Fashion PLM

D-Moda PLM is the software for the fashion industry that supports collection planning and design processes

It is designed to simplify and streamline the creative and unstructured activities typical of the fashion industry, enablingeffective management of collections and timing of business events. Learn how our flexible and intuitive system can help you transform your product development process and achieve success in the fashion market.

The process of creating collections is a complex activity that companies in the fashion industry often find themselves managing manually through Excel spreadsheets, a process that can be inefficient and disorganized. With D-Moda PLM, you will change the way you approach the creative management process, achieving outstanding results.

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The main features of the luxury pdm

D-moda PLM consists of 4 different modules:

  • – Planning Collection – Calendars
  • – Collection Planning – Defining Collection
  • – PDM (Monitor Collection, Samples)
  • – Model Development – Workflow


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1) D-fashion PLM: Collection Planning – Calendars.

It is divided into:
– Calendar of collection trade events

At this stage, a collection calendar should be made that identifies the timing with which the various macro activities should be carried out:
– The ability to define collection calendars, define the delivery of pivotal events (End of Prototype, End of Sample)
– a Monitor allows you to check progress and adherence to scheduled dates

– Definition of the collection

It is one of the key steps that involves setting up the various structures that may be new or existing and perhaps repurposed in relation to the collection schedule within the timeframe imposed by management.

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D-fashion PLM:
PDM (Monitor Collection, Samples)

It is divided into:

– Researching new materials

Includes collection and indexing of research/images of new materials to be sampled for the collection; being able to classify/record via APP photos and ideas by cataloging them into entities that can be parameterized by the company such as sketches/ideas or photos, materials or trend concepts, etc…

– Collection monitor

It is a synoptic in which information about the models is tabulated. Continuing patterns are identified, those to be repeated with variations so that we have a basis for deciding what new patterns to add. Allows:

  • – To navigate through all master entities and their properties/objects and create new projects/models/entities
  • – The realization of multilevel bills of materials (finished and semi-finished product)
  • – To have graphical visibility of projects/models and their related entities via tabs

– Sample Management


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3) D-Moda PLM:
Model Development – Workflow

For each model you can match a workflow, and for each workflow task you can:
– match a calendar-linked deadline
– indicate the beginning and the end
– Identify a possible supplier for its implementation
– Have a check list (sdifects)
– insert attachments
– insert specific notes


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