D-Moda: ERP software for clothing
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D-Moda: ERP software for clothing

D-Moda, Emmedata's apparel management software is the ideal solution for companies of any size in the fashion industry.

Are you a company working in clothing industry and do you want to improve the efficiency of your business operations? D-Moda is the ideal solution for companies of any size in the fashion industry since it is a management software dedicated to Emmedata clothing.

Thanks to its advanced features, you will be able to manage the entire life cycle of your products, from design to distribution.  Our software will help you streamline business operations, improve data visibility, and make informed decisions based on accurate analytics.

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With the D-Moda clothing management software, you can optimize and simplify your business processes

The D-moda clothing ERP has been specially developed to help you increase management control and process definition, eliminating uncoordinated actions and starting a path traced with well-defined procedures at the authorization, verification and decision level.

In this way you can meet the challenges and changes in the clothing sector, ensuring an always efficient and precise management of every aspect of your business.

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D-MODA: a fully customizable fashion software

D-moda is an innovative management system specifically designed to meet the needs of companies in the fashion apparel industry . What makes it truly unique is its high customizability, allowing companies to tailor the software to their exact needs.

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All the solutions for apparel companies in one suite

With D-Moda, companies can enjoy the benefits of all the ERP solutions they need for their business integrated into a single suite. From Product Data Management (PDM) capabilities to point-of-sale (RETAIL) management, this system offers a wide range of solutions to meet all management needs for both small businesses and large enterprises. In addition, the consistent language used throughout the system makes the user experience smooth and intuitive.

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Fashion industry experts at your service

For more than 30 years, Emmedata has been a leader in the fashion software industry. Their eXtended ERP suite D-Moda has successfully supported numerous companies on their growth and organizational journey. The team of fashion specialists offers expert support and extensive experience to help companies achieve maximum success in the fashion market.

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Clothing store management with iPad

Thanks to specific modules of the D-moda suite you can also improve the work of your sales network and dialogue more and more quickly and automatically with the company’s production and sales chain.

So your agents/retailers/distributors will be able to have access to an interactive catalog, collect orders from collections or on the ready, check the creditworthiness of their customers, update master records and contacts. In total safety.

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