Event software and web platforms
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Event software and web platforms

A completely new and innovative system for managing your event

Thanks to the Partnership with ITS Planet, in our extensive offering we have webRay, an integrated software to better manage your event or trade show, which will save you a lot of valuable time. With webRay, in one software you can find: from organizing secretariat, to managing accreditation, to enjoying interaction tools to use before, during and after the event.

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WebRay knows how to help you by providing you with a number of fantastic tools to manage your guest starting from sending the STD to the ‘call e-mail with flight assignment and eventual rooming. Regarding crediting systems, we can use simple ones with tablets and list, use code scanning crediting systems (QRCode, Barcode and Datamatrix) or, if you prefer, we can also use more niche technologies such as RFID or Beacon interaction.


We make websites dedicated to a specific event: there is nothing better for your guest than a clear, well-made website where they can find all the information pertaining to the event. Then, if the guest can also register for the event, all you have to do is collect and manage his or her data from webRay and send him or her the convening notices when all the logistics are finalized.


In webRay, there is also a push (speaker → guest) and pull (guest → speaker) question management system that will allow you to collect questions from the audience or ask questions of the audience while seeing real-time graphs of the results and, if you wish, put it live during the event.


Finally, we developed and integrated social tools into webRay that connect guests, creating social dynamics that can also be used during team-building activities.


For virtual events or fairs, however, we designed Virtual Space, a web platform that can easily integrate video streaming streams and interactivity services.

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