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Interactive totem

Attract new potential customers through simple games or quizzes on interactive totems, at trade shows or in a corporate lobby.

At events, fairs and conferences, as well as at the entrance of a corporate lobby, the interactive corporate totem engages the interlocutor through active actions and thus becoming an excellent lead generation tool. The totem software can be customized according to the company mission, quizzes, contests, games, product catalogs etc. can be put into action.

Come and discover the potential of this tool!

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In conjunction with expos, conventions, temporary installations, street marketing initiatives, product launch events, and more generally in all situations in which a very sustained flow of people is expected, lead generation activities are required, i.e., activities to collect and profile names.

For these cases, we provide custom software at the customer’s specific request on fixed installations such as interactive totems for both outdoor and indoor use.

Before starting the activity, the desired data is collected through a normal form, and then the activity is proceeded with, which can be:

  • scored quiz
  • game of skill
  • Sending a selfie that can be posted on social media

We then support our clients with both dedicated business totems and related software tailored to the client.

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