Fluid: the platform for personnel management
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Fluid: the platform for personnel management

Fluida is a mobile-by-design HR platform that, through multiple features, digitizes interactions, simplifying workers' daily routines and making companies more productive.

BTW Informatica is a Partner and reseller of Fluida, a company founded in March 2018 from the idea that the relationship between worker and company is still too complex or in many cases, even more critical, totally unstructured. Fluida simplifies the relationship between worker and company by collecting and visualizing data in real time, avoiding data errors, reducing absenteeism, and increasing productivity.

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How complex is personnel management in your company?

Fluida simplifies the relationship between worker and company by collecting and visualizing data in real time, avoiding data errors, reducing absenteeism, and increasing productivity.

The Fluida solution addresses a variety of needs: attendance management, time and attendance tracking, shift management, expense reports, communication and business document management, and activity reporting. In addition, Fluida is Cloud native Saas and multidevice.

Fluida is expense report management software that is easy for the employee to use and clear for the company’s HR department to view.

Entering spending information is simple and intuitive and can be done from App on smartphones or from the web from any device, including desktop. For each item entered, it is possible to add a photograph of the expense slip as well as all related information. Expense report software provides more than 12 expense categories, each of which contains customized detail information.


Fluida is software that manages employee attendance: with Fluida you can easily request, authorize and organize vacation, leave, sick leave and overtime. View personal or team calendar in daily and weekly formats, filter by work groups or location, receive periodic notifications to help your planning.


With Fluida you will have employee timekeeping software at your disposal: four technologies to meet every attendance need, namely Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, Beacon.

In this day and age, even more so with the evolution of smart working, it is useful to be able to have a remote time-stamping tool, which allows one to “clock in” even remotely from the physical office with maximum flexibility and convenience.

In addition to being able to stamp with the badge on Fluida Station, it is possible to manage stamping with Bluetooth via Beacon with the simple use of a cell phone.


With Fluida it promotes the digitization of documents, in fact you can send and receive contracts, pay slips, IDs and all business documents directly on the ‘app. You can alert employees via push notifications and ask for read confirmation of important messages.


Fluida is also a project and job management software: it creates task types associated with different teams or people and job orders broken down by customer. For each activity you can geolocate the location, attach documents, photographs and insert notes. You can define the number of hours scheduled for a project, and send daily reminders to workers.


Fluida is software for managing employee communications: with Fluida you send a personae business communication, receive confirmation, and keep track of it. The employee will receive a push notification on his or her phone or an email with which to access reading the message and download any attachments.


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