MES and WMS Integrations
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MES and WMS Integrations

Integrate your corporate ERP with MES and WMS to streamline your production and logistics

Do you have an MES or WMS that manage the production and logistics area in the company, respectively, but do not talk to the ERP? The a topic of business efficiency these days is particularly keenly felt; hence the need to integrate various IT systems from an Industry 4.0 perspective to enable companies to reduce costs and time and consequently increase productivity.

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MES is software dedicated to industrial production management. Through an MES system, it is possible to monitor the activities performed, the operators involved, the machines used and any downtime, and production times.

The integrations between ERP and MES, implemented with an Industry 4.0 perspective, have enabled companies to analyze and monitor, in real time, the stages of production, control inventory, orders and resources. Improved efficiency also leads to reduced costs, also due to a reduction in the number of waste products and revisions. In this way, operators are able to carry out activities more efficiently and quickly, marketing products just as quickly.

Where MES systems were not present to allow integration of production machines with ERP we make Web-Apps, which can be consulted from a PC or Tablet, where operators can consult details, technical drawings and specifications of the planned production order. At the end of processing through special section, the quantities produced and any production waste are entered manually and automatically sent to the ERP.

The WMS likewise is software that supports the company in the organization, coordination, and control phases of logistics movements and processes. BTW Informatica helps companies withERP and WMS integration that reduces errors, order fulfillment time, automates reporting, consequently increasing productivity.

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