Production machinery integration
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Production machinery integration

Interconnect your 4.0 machinery with your information system

BTW SYS-DAT Group, the Partner System Integrator, enables you to transform your business into a Smart Factory. With long experience in managing integrated ERP systems, BTW can support you in integrating systems with your production machinery, thereby improving working conditions, increasing the productivity of machinery and your work teams.

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BTW Informatica is a System Integrator with decades of experience and expertise. The team of young developers and experienced consultants collaborates with a variety of manufacturing companies from a wide range of industries and has created integrated information systems between ERP and machinery and beyond.

BTW, in addition to integrating multiple ERPs with production machinery, has built an integrated web portal with production facilities without necessarily interconnecting management. The need arose from several customers who did not have a well-structured ERP, but needed a two-way data exchange between software and machinery, or from customers who did not manage some production processes within the ERP.

There are several advantages of integrating, via software, with production machines for SMEs in the country:

  • Fulfillment of the interconnections required byIndustry 4.0
  • Simple, intuitive and cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized companies
  • optimization of costs and production time
  • Dematerialization of the production process

The web portal in .php technology has the following macro-functions:

  • User Login
  • Machine selection
  • Work Order Entry
  • Real-time situation visualization


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