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Experience brought to solution for retail realities of fashion and all merchandise sectors

The software for Fashion & Luxury and Retail Generalist outlets.

Moda is an ERP software for the management of proprietary and franchise stores for those operating in the Retail World in all merchandise sectors, from Fashion (Clothing, Footwear, Sporting Goods, Accessories), to optics, bookstores, hardware, housewares, furniture, etc.
This erp for fashion retail was created expressly for those who Manage Stores dealing with Seasonal Items with Size and Color Variant Management for the fashion fashion industry and then expanded to manage stores of all other merchandise cattegories.
Barcodes, Sales, Warehouse, Store Cashier Software, Merchandise Transfers, Reassortments, Size and Color Variants, Supplier Orders, Returns, Inventory, Clerks, Customers, Fidelity Cards finally managed in a simple and intuitive way through Moda, the point-of-sale management software that can meet all needs.
Countless, powerful and in-depth sales statistics enable accurate and precise analysis for sales network monitoring.

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Moda is a fashion retail ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) designed to effectively and comprehensively manage stores for both proprietary and franchise stores. This system is suitable for a wide range of merchandise sectors, including fashion, optical, bookstore, hardware, housewares, furniture and many others.

Fashion focuses primarily on the fashion fashion industry, offering specific functionality for managing seasonal items with color and size variations. However, the software also expands to meet the needs of stores in other merchandise categories.

With Moda, several key aspects of the point of sale can be managed easily and intuitively. Some of the key features include bar code management, sales, inventory control, cash register software, merchandise transfers, reassortments, size and color variant management, orders to suppliers, returns, inventory, salesperson data, customer and loyalty card management.

One of the distinguishing features of Moda is its wide range of powerful and detailed sales statistics. These statistics enable accurate and in-depth analysis for effective sales network monitoring. With this information, it is possible to evaluate store performance, identify sales trends, identify opportunities for improvement, and make data-driven strategic decisions.

Moda is designed to provide a comprehensive and integrated platform that simplifies the management of daily activities at the point of sale. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can efficiently manage all operations, from inventory to sales control, from returns management to customer retention. This improves operational efficiency, reduces errors and ensures quality service to customers.

In addition, Moda can be customized to specific store needs, allowing the software to be tailored to the unique characteristics and processes of each store. This flexibility makes Moda suitable for different sizes of businesses, from small independent stores to larger chain stores.

In addition to operational management, Moda also offers tools for financial control and report generation. You can track revenue, expenses, and profits, manage payment schedules to suppliers, and generate detailed financial reports for in-depth analysis of business performance.

Therefore , Moda represents a comprehensive software especially for the management of fashion and footwear stores. With its advanced features, simplified operations management, detailed sales statistics, and customizable flexibility, Moda helps companies optimize their operations, improve operational efficiency, and make informed decisions for success in the highly competitive Retail market.

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Revolutionize the shopping experience in your fashion store with MODA software and the Magic Mirror.

With MODA software and its incredible Magic Mirror feature, you can offer your customers a unique and engaging shopping experience.

Welcome your customers into a state-of-the-art, high-tech fitting room where every garment they wear is automatically recognized thanks to built-in RFID microchips.The Magic Mirror, through a screen embedded in the mirror, reads the data transmitted by the microchips and understands exactly what they are trying on. The software immediately identifies their look and will be able to present personalized suggestions based on their tastes and preferences. If a particular garment catches your customers’ interest, the Magic Mirror will show other similar options or complete outfits to enrich their style.

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