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Cybersecurity and protection of sensitive data is of paramount importance to the continuity of operations of any business.

Our qualified “ethical hackers” are able to replicate a potential hacker’s way of thinking and use a set of tools to limit their actions, through cybersecurity testing.
We offer a wide range of comprehensive services in Cyber Security involving all aspects of an organization’s security. We test the security of infrastructure, web applications and, of course, mobile devices.
We take a risk-based approach to evaluate systems from a hacker’s perspective, within the framework of industry best practices, so that we have effective protection from Cyber attacks.

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Our certified technicians are able to perform Cyber Security Penetration Testing activities on technology infrastructure in a very short time. A detailed report on the critical issues found is then released. Suggestions will also be provided to increase the degree of security of information systems, studying together with the client the best available solutions.

Penetration testing can cover 3 areas:


The penetration possibilities of your company’s systems components (operating systems, midlleware components, databases) are tested and measured.


The chances of getting hold of your company’s data, trying to penetrate business applications, are checked and measured.
The applications on which we perform Cyber Security Penetration Testing activities can be either on the Internet, and therefore reachable by public IP address (e.g., website), or internal to the corporate network.


All the experience and expertise of our experts concentrated in one attack with multiple modes and techniques. For example, the use of phishing campaigns or the use of social engineering to verify and measure the possibility of breaking into your company’s internal network.

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Through the Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment you can discover in advance the vulnerability of information systems and identify the appropriate countermeasures to defend it from cyber attacks and thus increase your company’s cyber security.

Performing a vulnerability scan is extremely important and can even be critical to business survival in the event of cyber attacks.

Our certified technicians are able to support companies with Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment steps in a very short time frame on your company’s technology infrastructure. Later, detailed reports will be released highlighting critical points to address to make their systems more secure.


The state of risk to which the IT infrastructure is exposed is identified, identifying the vulnerabilities present and determining how they may compromise its security.


Our experts determine the activities needed to eliminate (or contain) identified vulnerabilities, prioritizing those that are potentially most critical.


Vulnerability Assessment activities are carried out remotely, on all your business systems in our data centers or active at your site, reachable from the Internet or only from the internal network.

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Immutable Backups defend corporate data from ransomware attacks by creating a secure copy that cannot be modified, decrypted or deleted.

Immutable Backups are an effective solution to defend sensitive data from ransomware attacks, ensuring that a secure copy of the data is created and preserved for a set period, with no possibility of modification, decryption or deletion. This solution provides a robust defense against cyber attacks, protecting the integrity and accessibility of corporate data. Cybersecurity and protection of sensitive data is of paramount importance to the continuity of operations of any business
In the event of a ransomware hacker attack, Immutable Backup allows you to restore sensitive data without having to give in to the attackers’ demands. This preserves the security and confidentiality of corporate information, avoiding potential financial and reputational damage. In addition, Immutable Backups offer a high degree of reliability, ensuring that even system administrators cannot access or modify data during the immutable period.

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The Cyber Security SOC (Security Operations Center) provides a dedicated cyber security operations center for corporate data that monitors, h24/365gg, corporate infrastructure to identify and prevent possible threats.

Security Operations Center software constantly monitors network infrastructure and data centers by providing proactive responses to potential attacks. Monitoring is managed by a team of dedicated cyber security operations center specialists. In-house expertise and the use of industry-leading technologies help reduce attack detection time to ensure timely intervention, decreasing the risk of potential damage throughout the attack.


SIEM Security Software (Security Information and Event Management) is a Security Operations Center Software solution for enterprise data security.

The SIEM solution combines the processing of security information from different systems, such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other devices, into one centralized management point.

Our security operations center specialists support companies to ensure network security through various security operations center tools. The activity is based on Network Security Assessment, Network Access Control and Multi-Factor Authentication.

The SIEM solution enables network security through Network Security Assessment, Network Access Control and Multi-Factor Authentication. The implementation of a SIEM Security Software within a company enables it to protect the network and sensitive data from unauthorized access and cyber attacks.

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Endpoint Central is a unified endpoint management (UEM) software that allows you to manage servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets from one central location.

With endpoint management, the benefits for the company are immediate and concrete, in terms of cost reduction, automation, high quality of IT services resulting in user satisfaction as well as improvements on the IT security front.

Indeed, with Endpoint Central it is possible to automate ordinary endpoint management procedures such as:

Installation of Patches (Windows, Mac, Linux and Third Parties)

Distribution of custom software or scripts

Capture and deploy images of networked Operating Systems, USB,ISO

Inventoring and Reposting

Resource management and software license management, software usage statistics, USB device usage supervision etc.

Continuity in giving service to users in Smart Working (even if not connected in VPN)

Mobile Device Management

With endpoint management software, mobile device management is possible with ad hoc configurations for VPN, WI-FI, and email accounts, enabling protection mechanisms using passcodes, locks, and remote wipes.

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The PRTG Network Monitor Software is a comprehensive monitoring solution suitable for networks of all sizes. Ensures availability of network components by measuring traffic and utilization. Monitoring IT infrastructure saves costs by avoiding power outages, optimizing connections, workload and quality.

Personnel, within the company, is the most important resource for any business and, of course, is the largest cost item. By using IT monitoring tools, staff can focus on the company’s essential activities without having to deal with minor hardware and software issues.

The PRTG Network Monitor Software makes it possible to know and monitor the health of the network on a regular basis so that timely action can be taken and any issues that arise can be resolved.

PRTG software is a powerful tool that allows you to monitor every aspect of your network infrastructure. It allows you to really monitor everything such as traffic, packets, applications, bandwidth, cloud services, databases, virtual environments, uptime, ports, IP, hardware, security, web services, disk utilization, physical environments, IoT devices, and so much more.

Network administrators will be able to access this tool from virtually any device. PRTG software supports most all modern network technologies such as SNMP (all versions), Flow Technologies (NetFlow, jFlow, sFlow), SSH, WMI, Ping and SQL.

Still, thanks to a series of APIs it can integrate i.e., that natively is not supported. PRTG can be set up in minutes, is easy to use, and enables centralized monitoring of IT infrastructure.

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