About Us

About Us

The ICT partner for your business

Consolidates more than 30 years of experience in IT services to businesses

SYS-DAT VERONA consolidates the experience of companies AISGROUP srl – PROGECO srl – ACCORD srl ATTUA srl – A company with deep knowledge of the fashion and manufacturing world – Our solutions, the experience of our consultants, and the network created to foster synergies among our clients are the tailor-made suit sewn for you and your company’s growth. Sensitive to continuous market developments, we study in partnership with the client the best ICT solution for each individual business: comprehensive, customizable and technologically advanced.

We specialize in the development of management software solutions that enable all business processes, from production to sales, to be better and more efficiently guided.

The specialization of our software for different market sectors is combined with the development of solutions tailored to each company and sector: from strategic data analysis to the study of e-commerce projects, from prototyping solutions to data management and sharing systems on mobile.

Managing business with our ERP solutions is simple: our consultants, many of whom have been operating in the field for more than two decades, are your company’s best allies.

They recommend the optimal solutions for each business and remain a specialized reference point to deal with over time: our expertise serves companies and helps them grow.

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