ERP for manufacturing and MES
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ERP for manufacturing and MES

SAM ERP2: the complete management system for production companies

Developed to meet the needs of the most structured companies, SAM ERP2 provides advanced and optimized enterprise resource management, all based on a robust, flexible and scalable platform.

The comprehensiveness of its services, combined with our analytical and consultative capabilities, enable every SME to achieve maximum control and seamless integration between business processes.

We don’t just sell software and licenses; our strength is the support and advice we provide every day. We come alongside the client to implement a customized project, intercept needs to develop custom functions, and ensure the achievement of set goals.

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Why is it a comprehensive ERP?

Because all the needs of manufacturing companies are encapsulated and met in 9 modules:

  • ADMINISTRATIVE AND FINANCIAL AREA (electronic invoicing management, business crisis control and prevention, etc.).
  • CRM(marketing, sales, and pre- and post-sales servicesactivities)
  • COMMERCIAL(managing sales, agents, commissions, bids, etc.).
  • PURCHASES, WAREHOUSE AND LOGISTICS (management of purchasing, inventory, warehouse, logistics, etc.).
  • MES ( production management and planning, scheduler)
  • QUALITY(quality control, documentation management, testing, nonconformity management, etc.).
  • WORKFLOW AND BPM(business process management, advanced document management and archiving, tracking and attendance tracking…)
  • MANAGEMENT CONTROL(consolidated financial statements, analytical and industrial accounting, contract and job order analysis, job order costs, etc.).
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MES: Optimizes and manages production operations

The MES, integrated into SAM ERP2, allows you to monitor, manage and optimize everything that involves production: from the management of goods, to stocks, up to the machinery and the scheduling of work phases. What does it do specifically?

  • Monitoring of production resources in real time
  • Management of orders, orders, internal and external production phases
  • Finite capacity production planning
  • Definition of timing, priorities and work cycles
  • Traceability, logistics and warehouse management
  • Management of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions on machinery
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Business Intelligence: the control center for company KPIs

With the team of consultants we develop interactive and totally customized dashboards to analyze company KPIs in real time. Monitoring key metrics provides valuable information on the behavior of customers, suppliers, production and logistics processes, product life cycles as well as identifying the analytical keys that link commercial dynamics to financial and manufacturing ones.

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CRM: aumenta il numero di clienti e rafforza il rapporto con loro

Avere un CRM integrato all’ERP consente di gestire e pianificare ogni azione commerciale e marketing al fine aumentare il numero di
nuovi clienti e di rafforzare il rapporto con quelli storici. Ogni fase del ciclo di vita del cliente viene gestita: dal primo contatto marketing, alla presa in carico commerciale, alla creazione di preventivi, fino ad arrivare alle campagne marketing cross-selling e al supporto post vendita.
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Industry 4.0

Smart Manufaturing, digitalizzazione di processi aziendali, integrazioni con nuove tecnologie digitali, diventano possibili grazie all’introduzione di SAM ERP2.
Il software permette di connettere tra loro differenti tecnologie e macchinari facilitando la gestione di tutti i processi aziendali, interni ed esterni, secondo gli obiettivi di Industry 4.0.
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