IT Services and Cyber Security
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IT Services and Cyber Security

Servizi IT e Cyber Security: il punto di riferimento per l'infrastruttura IT delle PMI

An up-to-date, secure and well-managed IT infrastructure forms the foundation of a digitized enterprise.

Our specialized team enables us to accompany small and medium-sized enterprises in the process of IT infrastructure management, adapting to market needs and developing customized and scalable services.

Through our R&D department, we evaluate the best technologies on the market for use in proactive service delivery.

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Facility management: we want to be a one-stop shop for your IT infrastructure

Our goal is to take care of the IT system, relieving the customer of responsibilities, technical and administrative management. We survey it to have total control of its components and be ready to manage renewals and third-party services that make it up.
One of our strengths is the Pre-sales and R&D Team, thanks to their professionalism you have access to customized solutions, advice and analysis. We offer timely support, state and guarantee response time frames (SLAs), and through an online portal, each client has visibility of the status of requests. Annually, we take care to check the health of the facility and its compliance for GDPR purposes.
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Proactive monitoring

Through a control panel we monitor all IT infrastructure. Do we detect an alert? We alert the customer promptly before it turns into a problem.
The purpose of proactive monitoring is to act before the problem ar ises with the goal of avoiding downtime and lost productivity.
Risks, critical issues, failures, and performance problems are prevented through constant monitoring of servers and storage thus ensuring maximum efficiency.
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Maintenance and updating

Constantly evolving IT infrastructure and Cyber security threats increasingly require systematic updating of the components of an IT system.
To keep the facility healthy and safe, in addition to daily support, we provide annual updates of major IT components such as operating systems, virtualization software, and backups.


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All’inclusive assistance

With All-inclusive support we take over the total management of technical problems, aiming to ensure their resolution in the shortest possible time and at no additional cost.
We deploy every strategy and tool at our disposal, provide replacement machines, carry out on-site technical interventions, make use of preferential channels with manufacturers, and, for customers with the proactive monitoring service in place, take charge of resolving any alerts.
We want to empower SMEs to get maximum technical support, ensuring certain costs and limiting stoppages on business activity.
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First level of security: Indispensable

  • WEB FILTERING: is a system for filtering browsing to websites unwanted by the company.
  • NEXT GENERATION FIREWALL: is the traditional Firewall equipped with Artificial Intelligence to detect a wider variety of perimeter cyber attacks.
  • EDR MANAGED: is the evolution of Antivirus that uses algorithms and machine learning to detect threats in real time.
  • EMAIL SECURITY GATEWAY: is a system that cleans up infected emails before they are delivered to the recipient.
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Second level of security: Required

  • VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT: security integrity is tested and a list of identified vulnerabilities is compiled based on the CVE.
  • DARK WEB ANALYSIS: You analyze the Dark Web, also known as the “black market,” to find out what corporate data has been stolen and protect yourself accordingly.
  • PHISHING SIMULATION ATTACK: misleading emails are simulated in order to test the degree of preparedness and awareness of users.
  • TRAINING COURSE: The basics of cybersecurity and the main behaviors to take to reduce the risks of attack are provided.
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Third level of security: Appropriate

  • CYBER ATTACK SIMULATION: simulates thousands of cyber attacks on a digital clone of the IT infrastructure, without impacting the real production environment.
  • PENETRATION TEST: tests computer systems through attacks by ethical hackers in order to highlight vulnerabilities.
  • SOC: constantly monitors (h24) the different components of an IT system by collecting information and correlating it with each other to intercept upcoming malicious activities.
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