About Us

About Us

Analytical ability, consultation and expertise are the characteristics that make up the DNA of SISOLUTION. For more than 35 years, we have been carrying out complete and customized technology projects for manufacturing SMEs, specifically in the following sectors: manufacturing, dyeing and finishing, fashion-clothing, food, rubber and plastics, steel, metal, precision engineering, and construction.

Your needs, our projects

The wide range of solutions enables us to carry out complete projects for:

  • administrative, financial and commercial control and management(ERP, CRM)
  • The digital management of business processes and document archiving(ECM)
  • production planning(MES)
  • industrial automation and innovation (Robotics, RFID, Energy Control and A.I)
  • The protection of sensitive data(Cyber Security and System Services)

Our approach

The inclusion of a new technology project brings with it several benefits but, if not calibrated in detail, risks becoming a failure. Therefore, for the Sisolution Team, the working method and skills go beyond the selected software.

  • WE LISTEN and intecrate needs: anticipate needs, share risks and opportunities to create a long-term partnership
  • TOGETHER DEFINE attainable goals: we share with our clients the responsibility of achieving the set goals
  • WE PROPOSE a customized solution: we ensure IT expertise and flexibility to allow the software to integrate seamlessly into the enterprise

Over the years we have refined our approach to ensure true project support and success:

  • Directional meeting to understand needs and requirements
  • Thematic development between the Sisolution Team and the client company
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Sharing of design features
  • Improvement and consolidation of the design scope
  • Release of order
  • Post-designassistance and support
  • Periodic verification of KPIs and achievements
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