SITEXTILE: the ERP for textiles.
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SITEXTILE: the ERP for textiles.

SITEXTILE the ideal ERP for dyeing and finishing plants

SITEXTILE software is theItalian ERP developed for dyehouses and finishers that covers the entire supply chain in 360 degrees. Its functions make it possible to optimally manage administrative and commercial processes, needs related to the acquisition of goods, their storage, processing, quality control, traceability and traceability regulated by the increasingly required certifications.

Over the years, we have worked alongside many dry cleaners and finishers to intercept key issues, find solutions together, and then turn them into innovative, customized, industry-typical features.

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SITEXTILE was born out of a collaboration with Centro Software, the SAM ERP2 solution provides advanced and optimized enterprise resource management, all based on a robust, flexible and scalable platform.

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Order collection management

  1. Data sheet management with configurable product characteristics by individual item or category
  2. Specific price lists for each job based on quantities processed, by color and by material type
  3. Management of offers, dispositions and orders accompanied by data sheets expressing the details of the product characteristics required and processed
  4. Ability to receive and transmit EDI traces for automatic loading of work orders
  5. Linking machines 4.0
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Production scheduling and planning

  1. Real-time processing progress by individual piece, serial number, customer and job order
  2. Batch management, color baths, defects per single piece with data sheet details
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Quality and certifications first

  1. Link to speculums with preparation of documents for customers
  2. Detection and tracking of resumes collected during the production phase
  3. Full traceability to ensure compliance with industry certification requirements
  4. Full traceability and retraceability management on all levels ensuring management of requirements required by industry certifications (GOTS)
  5. Mass balance
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