Virtualized Data Center & Unified Computing
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Virtualized Data Center & Unified Computing

We virtualize the network, storage and security of your IT architecture

Unified computing and virtualization for your business — faster, lighter, and more secure.

We provide consolidation and virtualization services to transform the data center into aflexible infrastructure, integrating different devices, storage, and network platforms, and simplifying management operations.
We free the company from repetitive activities by releasing valuable energy for your business growth.

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The main benefits of data center virtualization:

  • Reduced hardware acquisition and maintenance costs
  • Energysaving, reduction of heat generated, decrease of heat dissipation issues
  • Increased speed in deploying backups: in the event of a shutdown, Virtual Machines snapshots can be rehabilitated in a few clicks without the user noticing the interruption. For this, we rely on leaders such as VMware‘s VSphere ESXi and NSX
  • Faster deployment of applications and simplification of data center activities, improving the operational efficiency of the enterprise. The security of an Always-On system enables better availability and higher application performance, while application clustering ensures Business Continuity
  • Enhanced security-guaranteed by automated granular policies on virtual machines, thanks to the power of VMware’s NSX, we isolate networks from each other, providing the best possible structure for the data center
  • The perfect testing environment: in case of an error, nothing is lost: just reverse the process and return to the previous situation. You can also isolate test environments from the user while keeping them connected to the corporate network. Only when it is fully functional, we move on to deployment!
  • The reduction of pollution produced, resulting in an improvement of your company’s image and relationship with both the planet and customers


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