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Mobile Wave & Byod

A secure network with enterprise applications accessible at all times and from any device

As mobile trends continue to impact business communication, with the exponential rise of BYOD and COPE philosophies , companies must focus on providing a secure and controlled environment to combat the security and privacy threats that accompany these trends. Our Mobile Security services will help you to:

  • Implement IT Security policies for corporate or user-owned devices to prevent non-compliant devices from accessing corporate resources, and thus be able to ensure secure mobile access to corporate resources
  • Allow users to use apps that are necessary for work, and prevent access to unnecessary apps
  • Protect mobile devices from malware and other threats

Adopt BYOD to ensure productivity, security and connectivity among your employees wherever they are

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Mobile Wave & Byod

In an environment where employment is increasingly physically disconnected from the workplace, preventing malware risks related to increased mobile and IoT traffic is increasingly crucial. According to Data Security reports, 74 percent of IT managers say securing information from mobile devices is the top priority in their corporate cyber security strategy.

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