Enterprise File Sync & Share
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Enterprise File Sync & Share

Enterprise File Sync & Share

Our approach is aimed at integrating the needs of users and the security needs of the IT department by enabling:

  • Access files anytime, anywhere, and in your preferred mode: we offer professional solutions for file and enterprise data sharing, and seamless access to shared documents protected by robust security features, enabling secure collaboration, inside and outside the boundaries of the organization
  • Work on the same documents simultaneously, significantly speeding up internal processes without changing how users work: work on files as if they were local and share them with one click. No copy-paste, no intermediate steps
  • Sharing files and folders to an increasingly mobile workforce . We understand the importance of being able to access business documents securely, with the assurance that anyone has access to the most up-to-date version, without copies or overwrites, or constraints related to the type of device being used
  • Send files regardless of size securely: safely share videos, images, and other heavy files free of limits
  • Enforce security policy to keep files secure and IT in order, knowing you are protected, keeping track of file and folder opening
  • Real-time document backup and continuous availability – protect documents in real time and easily get back to work: if a device breaks down, access files from another location to continue work from where you left off, without loss of data

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Provide your enterprise with smooth file usage, and your IT department with the security and control it needs.

We can support you in moving to a new integrated communication model.

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