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Weave the Future of Fashion with Artificial Intelligence.

Transform the fashion landscape, by anticipating trends and reshaping design through cutting-edge predictive analysis, all powered by Artificial Intelligence.

HS.Whisperer is an Artificial Intelligence web platform specifically designed for the fashion industry. It is trained to analyze photos from fashion shows, allowing it to predict future trends with unprecedented accuracy. Thanks to its ability to recognize garments in detail, HS.Whisperer identifies nuances of colors, textures, and patterns, offering a deep understanding of each item and each merchandise category.

HS.Whisperer becomes a true assistant for industry professionals, suggesting innovative color combinations and providing comparative analysis of trends over past seasons. This not only helps to keep pace with current trends but also to anticipate future ones, maximizing market impact.

The platform goes further, suggesting which garments might be most profitable for the company, based on an in-depth analysis of the data. Moreover, it allows a direct comparison between the company’s items and the garments displayed in the fashion shows, offering a clear vision of how to align or differentiate from current trends.

Finally, one of its most innovative features is its generative AI, which allows the creation of new images of clothes starting from textual inputs or preliminary sketches. This opens the door to limitless experimentation, enabling visualization of what the clothes might look like once made.

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The intuitive interface of HS.Whisperer allows the following functionalities:

  1. Advanced recognition: HS.Whisperer accurately identifies garments worn at fashion shows, capturing details such as shades of color, textures, and patterns for each merchandise category.
  2. Matching suggestions: The platform suggests optimal color combinations and provides comparative analysis of trends against past seasons, allowing users to always stay one step ahead.
  3. Profitability analysis: Through detailed analysis, HS.Whisperer suggests which garments could generate the most profit, thus optimizing production and marketing choices.
  4. Comparison with company articles: The platform allows for a comparison of the company’s own items with garments displayed at fashion shows, offering a clear view of how to align with or differentiate from current trends.
  5. Intuitive catalog browsing: Users can easily navigate through the garment catalog using text search, making the entire process more efficient and user-friendly.
  6. Descriptive Word Clouds: HS.Whisperer extracts word clouds that effectively describe the season under analysis, providing an immediate snapshot of emerging trends.
  7. Generative AI for innovative creations: The platform uses generative artificial intelligence to create new images of clothing from text inputs or sketches, enabling visualization of what the clothes might look like once produced.
  8. Custom training: Finally, it is possible to train HS.Whisperer to recognize a specific style and suggest new garments in that particular style, for example, “a long red dress with a V-neck in the style of Valentino.”

HS.Whisperer represents a breakthrough in the field of fashion, combining advanced technology and creativity to create innovative and customized solutions that meet the needs of the ever-changing market.

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