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Harness the power of HS.Vision to gain a deep understanding of your visual data.

The complete visual solution for classification and counting of objects and people in videos and images.

HS.Vision is a platform that leverages Machine Vision algorithms to analyze and understand data from video streams. With HS.Vision, it is possible to detect and count specific objects within images or videos, and obtain detailed information about their characteristics. HS.Vision provides valuable insights on motion patterns, frequency of appearance of objects and people, and much more.

HS.Vision engine is integrated into a scalable software solution that allows for real-time analysis from a few tens to hundreds or thousands of images, directly accessing the RTSP stream of every camera.

The integration with existing video surveillance systems is extremely simple: HS.Vision can interface with any type of camera capable of providing an RTSP video stream, both with standard or fisheye lenses (panoramic).

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The HS.Vision platform is able to detect objects and people, extract high level attributes, and derive statistical information starting from the video stream of any commercial camera. Here are some of the main features:

  1. People counting inside the environment or in specific areas
  2. Heatmap generation
  3. Automatic detection of gatherings and groups of people
  4. Timely alerts of critical situations via push notifications on the web interface
  5. Personalized dashboard for data visualization and exporting of advanced analytics



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People counting and interest map generation – Heatmap

An interactive dashboard provides a clear and detailed view of the number of people in the entire environment or in a specific area, showing a map in real time. This heatmap shows highlights where human presence is highest, providing valuable information for optimizing the flow of people, improving safety, and making strategic decisions.

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Case study


Veronafiere is an exhibition organizer, in 2019 alone it held 71 events with over 1 million visitors. Most events are organized within an exhibition area of 309,000 square meters with 12 Pavilions and a Palaexpo.

Problem: Being able to organize events during the Covid-19 period, ensuring the safety of visitors and mitigating the risk of contagion.
Solution: HS.Vision, connected to the more than 400 cameras in the exhibition area, was able to detect in real time the presence of assemblages and verify the capacities of the halls, all while fully respecting privacy.

  • Privacy-by-design: the image is processed entirely locally and discarded as soon as processing is finished
  • Scalability: edge computing occurs in small, replicable units, without the need to purchase new devices or make infrastructure investments
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