About us

About us

Humatics was founded as a startup on February 29th, 2016.

The founding members have known each other since 2009, studying and working at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Verona.

In 2016, after successfully completing their doctoral research, considering the numerous research collaborations between the founders and their strong synergy, they decided to establish a company where they could put their theoretical knowledge into practice and commercialize highly innovative solutions.

Humatics was born thanks to the know-how possessed by the three partners, and it is precisely from this know-how that the company’s core business has developed. Furthermore, thanks to the strong connection between the partners and the University of Verona, Humatics was accepted as an accredited spin-off at the University of Verona.

As a spin-off, Humatics has been able to acquire additional know-how over the years, thanks to the technology transfer opportunities implemented by the University of Verona, which allow member companies to access knowledge, technologies, production methods, prototypes, and services. This has also been realized through numerous research contracts established with the University of Verona and through internship activities, where many students have contributed to Humatics’ work.

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