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Trizeta offers an intuitive, efficient and customizable solution for complete warehouse management. The system is able to optimize warehouse processes, from the arrival to the departure of goods, through inventory and verification of the same.

What ADeWMS can do for you

Based on a cloud platform, the WMS developed by Trizeta meets the needs of companies wishing to make an overall and significant improvement in warehouse management.

As a result, a reduction in errors during product handling operations will be evident, but also a more streamlined and rapid working method.

In addition, integration with The ERP allows import of all product data to be managed in the warehouse and document exchange for goods handling.

  • Stock movement management with details
  • Automatic loading and unloading from arrivals and shipments
  • Customized alerts on inventory and abnormal movements
  • Ability to handle an order in multiple rounds
  • Real-time inventory verification, even on e-commerce
  • Stock movement control
  • Association of a code to each individual operator
  • Configurable labels at the control and labeling stage
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WMS – Warehouse Management System

Product Features.

For each product, the following are reported:

  • present quantity
  • quantity drawn
  • batch number

The status of that product in colors is also highlighted:

  • Green (the withdrawal operation is completed)
  • yellow (withdrawal is to be completed)
  • red (no goods in stock)

Following each change, the system will automatically recalculate the data and notify the movement of the goods.

Viewing orders from management

Data on orders and the status of products in the warehouse are displayed in parallel by the management system, in a document containing all purchase orders with their details. ADeWMS allows you to check at any time how many goods are present and available.

For each order line, the system calculates and communicates the locations from which to pick up the goods: the operator viewing them from his handheld can confirm them or choose alternative ones

Once the “inventory order” document has been created through the data collected with the warehousemen’s PDA, all the orders counted by the operator will be taken from the office and compared to detect any errors.

The inventory will confirm: item, position, and quantity, calculating the differential to be moved based on the inventory date.

Movements of a product

The transaction table of a product contains various aspects, including the type of movement (also parameterizable). For example, product, quantity, lot, location, date, time and author of the operation are presented.

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Paired Android handheld

ADeWMS associates an Android handheld with each warehouse worker so as to track each activity and trace the relevant author thanks to the connected identification PIN.
Through this tool it is possible to automatically detect the labels affixed to the goods by reading barcodes or QR codes.
In addition to the wi-fi connection, the handheld can also access the network via a data SIM, avoiding any investments in wi-fi technology in the warehouses.

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List of warehouses

The list of all the warehouses located in various units is displayed on the screen.
Once you have selected the warehouse in which you intend to work, you will have three types of documents available to work with (all with configurable parameters):

  • ▪   sale
  • ▪   purchase
  • ▪   generic movements
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