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Moda B2B

The revolutionary solution that digitizes every stage of the sale

Showroom 2.0

Moda B2B, an innovative order management system, offers business customers the opportunity to place orders independently through an always up-to-date catalogue. This order management software operates like an e-commerce platform, ideal in both the sales campaign phase and in restocking. Available from any part of the world, it serves as a powerful tool for customer order management. Thanks to the experience accumulated from over 300 companies in the fashion sector, this system is available in both APP & Web versions.

For customers, using our order management system for the B2B fashion sector will be like physically being in a Showroom, but with all the conveniences of a digital connection. Our order management software offers an immersive and intuitive experience, faithfully reproducing the showroom environment.

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Advantages of a CRM Order Management for Fashion Companies

So, what are the benefits offered by our CRM system for order management for a Fashion company? First of all, our system enables a green management of B2B sales: no waste of paper and a significant reduction in pollution due to customer and agent travel. Moreover, our Web service is user-friendly and responsive, and it is remotely accessible by your customers around the world.

Moda B2B works as a real Digital Showroom, integrating seamlessly with physical showrooms and face-to-face presentations of samples. Modasystem therefore proposes a “green, mobile and fast” solution, an order management software that adapts to the needs of your company.

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