The team
Davide Conigliaro

Davide has a PhD in computer science, on ontology applied to computer vision and social signal processing (in collaboration with Centrale Supelec, Paris, where he spend a period as Intern). In Humatics, he has built a solid and operative know-how on 3D computer vision, edge computing, other than leading a crazy team.

Pietro Lovato

Pietro has a PhD in computer science on statistical models, applied on text and image data. He has been Intern at Microsoft Research Seattle, with Nebojsa Jojic, where he was able to learn advanced machine learning. In Humatics, he has specialized on digesting whatever type of data, creating training data for killer recommender systems.

Marco Cristani

Marco is associate professor on machine learning at the University of Verona, after getting a PhD in Computer Science on Multimedia, after a period as Research Scholar at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. He teaches machine learning and image processing courses to hundreds of students at University of Verona and free university of Bozen, bringing new ideas and young+strong talents in the Humatics cove.

Matteo Denitto
Software engineer

Strada le Grazie 15 – 37134 Verona (Italy)
VAT number 04399500232

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