The main framework for visual analytics, which processes images or videosequences.

A simple API call allow you to classify thousands of images or video frames, to extract visual attributes, to individuate and count objects, to provide very specific object recognition, or to retrieve multimedia data from a database using natural language terms.


The HS.Vision algorithms are lightweight, and can be mounted on edge computing devices (i.e., jetson cards). This allow to scale up a single computation to hundreds to thousands, on different devices, as it happens for a surveillance system with multiple cameras.

The image below shows the detection results on crowds of people, obtained by multiple cameras (boxes, points are related to different cameras), each one operating on a different edge device. HS.Vision is becoming Industry 4.0


Deep Learning

Under the hood, deep learning is made by neural networks which extract multi-level digital representations of the data, and evaluate them simultaneously, optimizing the best solution for the task at hand.


Our solutions are available both in the cloud and on-premise, to ensure maximum security and scalability. Upload data, verify models, integrate results into your products or processes.

Professional service

Our team gives support and training in the use of the Humatics products, especially when it comes to ad-hoc solutions with custom-made extensions.

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