Workflow & Document Management

The Information & Process Management Platform


The Information & Process Management Platform

The integrated platform for the company information management

Informations are the key asset of any company. The ARXivar solution allows to collect all the informations in one place so that they can be managed in complete safety and be used from any device, maximizing this way the efficiency of all the processes.

ARXivar is a solution that allows to safely share information, that facilitates the substitutive storage complying to current regulations and the electronic invoicing management by integrating with any ERP, optimizing the operations and slimming down the processes.

What can ARXivar do for your Company?

Process Management

ARXivar enables the reproducibility of each business process through the automation of the repetitive actions, remotely managing assigned tasks by rationalizing the resources.

Document Management

ARXivar enables a controlled sharing of documents, the management of standardized roles and permissions and provides accessibility from any device.

Integration with other Systems

ARXivar ensures usability of data from the ERP solutions through already existing plugins towards the most popular softwares.

Management of the Electronic Invoicing and beyond…

ARXivar enables the management of the sending process of electronic invoices between private companies, the final customers and Public Administration and the related reconciliation in order to obtain the FULL DIGITAL management of processes linked to the active and passive cycle.

From the creation of invoices in the XML format, compliant with the Interchange System (SdI), to the signing of XML files and to the transmission of receipts and notifications, with the following regulation-compliant storage of all invoices and the subsequent possibility of search and consultation on the Web.

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Workflow & Document Management
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