Special Projects

Winning solutions for complex needs

Special Projects

Winning solutions for complex needs

The complex needs of our customers and our drive for continuous improvement have led us over the years to accept the challenge of developing innovative projects that go beyond standard solutions.

Here are some of the fields where this attitude has generated value:


The solution implemented for a client who is a leader in multi-brand after-sales service that operates in Italy on behalf of the world’s leading manufacturers of smartphones, PCs, laptops, tablets and consoles. Our client needed a system that would consider the complexities of their business and allow full collaboration between the various company departments. The system we have created now makes it possible to keep track of all the activities carried out on each product from the moment it enters the company until it is returned to the applicant. Recent integrations with logistics and payment systems allow the end customer to approve quotes, pay electronically, and track the repair and shipment of their product directly on our client’s website.

The entire solution was created as an extension of SAP Business One and can also be used by external systems. To date, the system has managed over 4 million repairs divided into over 200 different product lines.


Solution created for a leading insurance broker, operating in the field of car insurance policies and outsourcing supplier of claims management and settlement services.

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