Your online sales channel


Your online sales channel

Your store available every day all over the world.  The best e-commerce platforms tailored to allow companies to start a new online sales channel, integrated with the already existing traditional channels.

The three focuses of the e-Commerce project, Web Marketing, Web Commerce and Post Sale Web, have the objective of:

  • increase the visibility of your website;
  • develop campaigns for the promotion of online sales;
  • increasingly interconnect online purchases to offline shopping in traditional stores;
  • enhance customer support, detect customer satisfaction and ensure maximum customer retention;
  • integrate digital with analogue, thus evolving the concept of multichannel into omnichannel.

Hence the need for companies to follow the evolution of customer behaviour, intercepting market demand and managing different channels of communication, promotion and distribution in an integrated and unique way. All this also allows to strengthen the ability of companies to achieve their business objectives by leveraging both the traditional points of sale and a strong online presence.

Logic One e-Commerce systems offer companies an Omnichannel platform, complete with integrated technological and communication tools, ensuring an engaging shopping experience from desktop, mobile and in-store.

From design of e-Commerce platforms, digital communication and multichannel solutions, to “ready to use” solutions of “SMART e-Commerce” to have the ability to design and put online in a very short relative time, sales platforms at affordable costs.

All our solutions are scalable and integrable according to the market, the size and the economic and financial needs of the customer.

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