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29 June 2023

SYS-DAT Group announces the acquisition of Equalis, a Milan-based company founded in 1984 with know-how and vertical specialization in the legal sector.

With a parterre of clients among leading national and international law firms – including Bonelli Erede Lombardi Pappalardo, Gattai Minoli & Partners, Gatti Pavesi Bianchi Ludovici, Grimaldi Alliance, Pedersoli – Equalis joins SYS-DAT Group team through NEKTE, a Milan-based group company highly specialized in solutions in cloud environments and a Microsoft partner, with expertise in several markets including legal.

“The specific skills of the founders of Equalis represent, without any doubt, a contribution of the highest value that go to enrich our experience. – declares Matteo Neuroni, CEO of SYS-DAT Group – In addition, what we most appreciated was a perfect alignment of the values and guiding principles underlying their approach, which fit well with those of the Group. We are confident that very fruitful synergies will be created.”

The merger of NEKTE and Equalis is another addition to the growth pattern undertaken by the Group, where each company is characterized by expertise in highly innovative sectors and solutions.

Umberto Bramani, CEO and Founder of NEKTE, says, “We experience this acquisition as a natural development of our business. Our strengths, including being a Microsoft partner and providing cloud solutions, blend well with Equalis’ expertise in system integrations. The value that will arise from the collaboration between us appeared from the outset to be concrete and full of potential.”

Stefano Fogato, partner at Equalis, says, “We have known NEKTE for many years and recognize its great professionalism and know-how. Our complementarity in terms of expertise, customer base and application solutions allows us to further expand the quality of the service offered and focus on the technological innovation of the same. In addition, joining such a solid Group as SYS-DAT allows us to be the technology partner of choice in the legal world.”

The deal, which marks another milestone in the growth path of SYS-DAT, a strategic partner for digital transformation of companies, helps further strengthen the group’s offerings for the legal world.

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