Virtual Showroom

The winning solution chosen by more than 100 of our customers

Virtualize your Showrooom

The winning solution chosen by more than 100 of our customers

SYS-DAT Virtual Showroom allows Business Customers to place orders autonomously through an up-to-date catalogue, e-Commerce like, both in Sales Campaign and in Reassortment… and from anywhere in the World. It is available in APP & Web version and was born from the experience of more than 300 companies in the fashion industry.

For Customers it will be like being physically in the Showroom… or even more, in a Digital Showroom!

What are, therefore, the advantages that the Fashion company takes from it?

  • A green management of B2B sales: no waste of paper and an important reduction of pollution due to the movements of Customers and Agents.
  • A Web service, user-friendly and responsive, usable remotely by your customers around the world.
  • A real Digital Showroom, complementary to the physical showrooms and to the face-to-face presentation of samples.

SYS-DAT offers a “green, mobile and fast” solution:

In addition to the B2B application, the B2C Phygital solution is proposed where the bridge between the digital and physical worlds is offered to the final consumer by allowing them access to the virtual store.

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