HIS ONE, our healthcare information system

Discover the integrated solution for the healthcare sector


The integrated solution for the healthcare sector

HIS ONE is SYS-DAT’s solution to manage administrative and health data, processing them in an integrated way and making them available to the company management. HIS ONE allows you to manage the typical processes of Healthcare companies in a fully integrated way because it analyses the productivity of staff and controls financial processes and costs.

With HIS ONE it is possible to manage the whole clinical/administrative path of the patient, such as CUP (booking, acceptance, referral, billing, etc.), ADT Management of Admissions (admissions, bed management, etc.), Clinical Records, Management of the patient’s medical records, etc. HIS ONE allows the Booking of Health Services, Health Acceptance, Referral, Management of Admissions, Management of Diagnostic Imaging, Management of Analysis Laboratory, Clinical Records, Management Control of health data both by value and quantity, Requests of Departments, Management of Drugs Warehouse and Health Materials Warehouse.

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