SYS-DAT Group is offering FASHION-AI
New Artificial Intelligence solutions for the Fashion & Luxury Industry


SYS-DAT Group is offering FASHION-AI
New Artificial Intelligence solutions for the Fashion & Luxury Industry

SYS-DAT Group, with its new entry Humatics, a company specialized in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, is now offering different solutions based on the most advanced AI techniques to the clients in the Fashion industry.Artificial Intelligence is a scientific discipline based on computer science technologies, that takes inspiration from the way people learn, think, create and make decisions.

FASHION-AI can be applied in countless areas, such as:

  • seasonal forecasting and trends compared to the collections
  • signal forecasting
  • social sentiment analysis
  • behavioural analysis in physical RETAIL and virtual E-COMMERCE environments
  • intelligence advertising
  • product recommendation and text mining

In addition to these domains FASHION-AI has also been integrated to all the ERP, CRM, RETAIL and Unified Commerce solutions of the SYS-DAT Group, and this is just the beginning; the opportunities are huge and constantly growing!

Artificial Intelligence can show its most persuasive applications in Fashion & Luxury: in fact, predictive models can be built in order to intercept the trends from the web and the “busiest” social media platforms, predicting this way the future sales.
Moreover, these algorithms can be integrated into corporate ERPs and they help making the distribution and replenishment processes more flexible and way faster, enabling optimized production planning and stock management.
The things that we are experiencing today represent only the beginning of the encounter between AI and the Fashion industry, a match that is meant to revolutionize the shopping experience.

The first example of use is the analysis of consumers’ purchasing behavior at the store, made through image and video recognition that trigger targeted commercial actions; The second one is the integrated application to e-Commerce sites and Virtual Show-Room, through which the customer picks the images that reflect his taste and the system offers the products that are closer to his expectations.

In a world where digital acceleration is increasingly challenging, SYS-DAT Group and Humatics are ready to offer increasingly competitive and cutting-edge services to their clients in the Fashion and Retail sectors.

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