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A Group: synthesis of history, competence and passion

A Group: synthesis of history, competence and passion

The ICT partner for your business

Milan, May 02, 1977, the history of SYS-DAT starts here! Almost 45 years have passed since we started our activity as a “software house” and, for as long, we have been bringing innovation to companies by accompanying them in what is now called “digital transformation”.

One of the elements that distinguishes us is our constant linearity confirmed by a unique and unchanged corporate structure maintained throughout the life of the company. We represent one of the most historical and long-lived IT consulting companies in the national scene and, as a further confirmation of our recognized path of success, we like to highlight that the percentage of companies belonging to our sector, born like us in 1977 and still present on the market operating in absolute operational and corporate continuity, is well below 1%!

In this long period of time, we have had to, and been able to, cross and go beyond what can be defined as real DIGITAL Eras during which there have followed “computer revolutions”. We passed from the period of mainframe systems to the world of Client Server, from the advent of the personal computer to the era of the world wide web, from mobile applications to the world of Cloud and so on …. ready, even today, to face the next technological challenges.

We have always faced all these evolutions with the same approach and goal, that is to transform the complexity of technology into solutions that allow our customers to take concrete competitive advantages.

We started at the end of the seventies, developing the first information systems that were configured almost as “tailored suits” for companies that recognized and placed in what was called the “data processing center” the actual brain and information assets of the company. Since the beginning we have tried to give an IT answer to the main needs and organizational requirements of the company; we started by creating management systems, now ERP, and then we extended our focus to different application areas such as Supply Chain, Retail, CRM, eCommerce, Analytics and then we combined them with new technologies such as RFID, blockchain, artificial intelligence and whatever else the evolution of technology has made us, and will make us, available.

Over the years, projects and experiences, we have gradually specialized, following peculiarities and characteristics of our customers, even in those sectors that best represent the “Made in Italy”.

SYS-DAT Group counts 400 people distributed in more than 10 companies all over Italy. Our people, who represent our most important asset, have various competences both technological, working with the main international Vendors belonging to the IT world, and applicative, focused on different industrial sectors. We can therefore say that our strength is based on centers of excellence in innovative solutions, technologies and, above all, on knowledge in specific vertical markets.

Our history has taught us that “speaking the same language as the customer” and “being close to them” has made the difference and will continue to do so in the future.

In order to guarantee these answers and solutions to the market, SYS-DAT orientation has always been strongly directed to growth and innovation. In this regard, every year significant amounts are allocated to research and development activities that allow us to anticipate innovative and effective solutions to the market.

We have always focused and built our success and growth around 4 key elements that represent our real strengths:

  • expertise in specific industry sectors (Vertical)
  • geographic proximity to customers combined with the ability to accompany them globally (Global Local)
  • integration with the main IT Brands such as IBM, SAP and Microsoft (Brand&Standard IT)
  • continuous search for solutions that can improve the existing proposing new business models to our customers (Innovation)

The mix of these four ingredients, crucial for us in our growth strategy, allows us to have an approach and a contextual offering that we have called “total look”, having cloned a slogan to companies belonging to the Fashion&Luxury sector: one of those to which we turn. With this term we intend to transfer the concept that as well as the best fashion houses wish to be able to dress their customers from head to toe, in the same way, we propose ourselves with solutions that allow to manage all the organizational/informatics needs that a company may have by integrating all its internal and external processes.

Matteo Neuroni

Via Muzio Attendolo detto Sforza, 7/9 – 20141 Milan (Italy)
VAT number 03699600155

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